Monday, December 19, 2016

PHR S50V Billet Vband Promod Turbo Kit

Take advantage of the latest in turbo technology by getting the only kit in the world to feature Precision Turbo's Gen 2 and Gen 3 Promod Vband Turbos!

PHR is proud to off the S50V Billet Vband Turbo Kit for the 93-98 Toyota Supra TT. The S50V turbo kit features the Powerhouse Racing S50V Turbo manifold which features full stainless schedule 10 1.5" runners and BILLET VBAND COLLECTOR. Built all by hand by our master fabricators.

The PHR S50V Kit is designed Drag Cars looking for the highest horsepower they can possible make on the 2JZ. When you need that extra something to give you the edge over your competition. This turbo kit is for those looking to maximize the potential of the turbo and motor combination. For racers looking for 1600 to 2500hp, this is the kit you need!

The PHR S50V Turbo manifold and all exhaust components are offered with the option of 2000 Degree black heat coating or Billiant Silver Coating for durability and heat reduction.

Each PHR S50V turbo kit comes with:
 Your choice of Turbo,
 S50V Vband, Billet Collector Manifold,
 Full stainless 5.0" downpipe/midpipe,
 Two Precision 46mm wastegates,
 Drop-Down Intercooler Pipe,
 6" Air Intake
 Oil Feed,
 Oil Return,
 PHR Waterneck Rotator,
 and all hardware and gaskets.

The PHR S50V turbo kit is fully customizable to fit your individual needs. Use the options below to select your turbo and other options to build your one-of-a-kind turbo kit.

Part # PHR 01012304.VD

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PHR Dual Extreme-Duty Spal Fan Kit

PHR is constanly striving to improve the Toyota Supra platform. And on a highly-modified Supra, heat is a problem. With HUGE frontmount intercoolers, high idle speeds, heat drenching turbos and high performance motors all saddled with a hot A/C condenser, maintaining reasonable engine temperature is a real problem. Upraded radiators and fan setups are installed to help to address this problem, but sometimes they still come up short. Airflow must be improved to remove the heat from the motor.

To address these problems, PHR is happy to introduce the highest flowing fan setup ever introduced for the Toyota Supra: The PHR Dual Extreme-Duty Spal Fan Kit. Flowing nearly a combined 3800CFM of air, this fan kit dwarfs any other on the planet.

At high vehicle speeds as airflow increases to the front of the car, if high pressure is built in front of the fans, bypass flaps open to allow even more airflow through the radiator, furthering cooling even more.

The PHR Dual Extreme-Duty Spal Fan Kit comes with a PHR aluminum fan shroud, 2 twelve inch Spal Extreme-Duty Fans, each pulling 1870CFM. Also included is the PHR 100Amp Solid State Relay for fan control using a simple switch or PWM fan speed control (see your ECU capabilities to see if you can use this option). A heat sync is included to keep the relay cool and connectors for the Spal fans.

This fan setup is designed to fit the Supra but will require the following modifications:

  • Small Battery in stock location or battery relocated to the trunk
  • Custom Intercooler Piping to route around fans or preferably run through battery location
This fan kit requires 100Amps of current to run so it will not work with the PHR Dual Fan Harness. For high low speed control, take advantage of the PHR 100Amp solid state relay included in the kit.

Available in raw finish or select powder coating or polishing options on the fan shroud.

Note: If running PHR Dry Sump Kit, one fan will be swapped to a slim fan to accommodate the dry sump drive gear. This will reduce overall airflow but will still be a very large amount of air. Keep this in mind when selecting.

Will also fit SC300 with Supra Radiator Installed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

PHR Cam and Crank Hall Effect Sensor Kit for 2jz and 1jz

The PHR Cam and Crank Hall Effect sensor is designed for builders and tuners needing a more stable and/or reliable sensor for motor speed and sync. A lot of ECU's can use these sensors for getting a cleaner and more consistent reading. This leads to faster starts, fewer tigger faults, more accurate ignition timing as well as several other benefits.

The benefits of using Hall Effect Sensors over VR (Magnetic) sensors is a long list:

  • Resistance to Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Very little or no filtering required
  • No minimum engine speed to produce a minimum trigger voltage. Important with a slow cranking motor especially with low battery voltage
  • Triggers precisely on trigger edge and not on trigger voltage threshold position in VR's waveform (which can vary with motor speed)
  • Easy Cam and Crank Syncing
  • Precise Ignition Timing
  • No Ignition Timing Float
  • Immune to Target Runout
  • Rotational Alignment to target is not critical
  • High Speed Operation (up to 15khz)
  • Some benefits specific to the PHR Cam and Crank Hall Effect Sensor Kit are:
  • Direct bolt-on
  • Brackets made from Billet Aluminum
  • Uses DTM Connectors and Terminals
  • Large Operating Temperature Range
  • Works with all aftermarket ECU's.
  • Uses Stock Trigger Wheel and Cam teeth
  • Made in the USA

The PHR Cam and Crank Sensor Kit is known to work with the 2JZ 12 tooth crankshaft trigger wheel and has not yet been tested on 2JZ VVT-i 36-2 trigger wheels or 3 tooth VVT-i Cam teeth.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PHR Billet Cam Gears for 2JZ/1JZ

PHR is proud to introduce our new Billet Cam Gears for the 2JZ and 1JZ engine familes.

Adjustable cam gears are important for dialing in opening and closing events on camshafts as well as lobe centerline. You camshaft was designed to target these specific events and you need an adjustable cam gear to adjust them as close to your specifcations and requirements as possible.

Beyond that, you may be able to find additional horsepower or tweak your power curve to your specific needs by adjusting the valve timing with these gears.

PHR Cam Gears also offer an engine dress aspect that looks amazing in your engine bay and pairs perfectly with PHR's accessory pulley kits.

PHR's Cam gears are cut from 6061 billet aluminum. The outer gear is hard anodized black to take any abuse that will be given them. All hardware is stainless steel and will never tarnish or rust.

VVT-i model engines will require only one gear, as the intake gear cannot be replaced for VVT-i to remain operable.

Monday, April 4, 2016

PHR 40 Row Oil Cooler Kit for 1993-98 Supra

Powerhouse Racing is proud to offer the finest oil cooler kit ever developed for the Toyota Supra Platform. Made for the 1993-2001 JZA80 Supra, this kit offers the highest heat transfer rate you can achieve with this size of oil cooler at 67,000 BTU's per hour.

Also featuring -10 Stainless Braided hose and a thermostatically-controlled Mocal sandwich plate, this oil cooler kit is your complete package.

This kit is best paired with Powerhouse Racing's Oil Filter Relocation Kit and is 100% compatible without changing any fittings or lines. We also offer an optional power steering cooler for those wanting the best total solution.

 Below is pictured our the entire cooler options with the Oil Cooler Kit, Oil Filter Relocation Kit and Power Steering Cooler

Thursday, December 31, 2015

PHR/Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit for Spec Twin/ Mini Triple disc clutch

If you have a Spec Multi-Disc Clutch for 6spd Supra, you need to look at the problems they have been having with their hydraulic release bearings.

We decided to dig into this after having several customers have their release bearings fail on the spec mini triples. I've recommended this clutch many times and we think the clutch itself is a great clutch... however the release bearings are a big problem. Every single one has failed. This one in particular is from a customers 6 speed supra

As you can see in the picture, the orings are rotted. This is not from wear. This is from the clutch fluid literally eating the o-rings. Spec, or whoever builds these release bearings for them (clutch masters appears to have the same bearing, China perhaps) is using the wrong material in their orings. The orings are not compatible with normal type brake fluids (dot3, dot5).

Of course this failure will only happen after the release bearing is out of warranty. (120 days). It takes a little time before the o-rings will be eaten to a point of failure.

Spec should be able to offer quality product they can stand behind, and I'm sure they don't stand behind this.

Here is the solution to the problem. PHR is now offering Tilton slave cylinders and adapters to work with the Spec mini triple clutch. We are fairly certain these will work with the Spec twin disc as well but have not confirmed.

So if you have a spec clutch with their hydraulic release bearing, u need to get this setup before u have a failure on your hands.

Do NOT buy Spec clutches for your supra unless you also purchase the PHR/Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit. Together they are a good combination, but without the tilton release bearing it is an imminent failure.

PHR Ford IAC Adapter Kit for 2JZ-GTE

Finally, a solution to the 2JZ-GTE idle motors. Factory stepper motors require 4 wires to operate. The PHR Ford IAC Adapter Kit for 2JZ-GTE only requires a single output from your ecu, freeing up 3 additional outputs. This is extremely helpful on ECU's like MoTeC M600, M84 and other where outputs are limited. If your ECU is limited on outputs, this is the solution you need to free up your outputs for other needs.

In addition, the factory idle motors are extremely expensive to replace and are very difficult to find used in good condition. This provides an affordable alternative for those running aftermarket ECU's when their idle motor fails.

Can be run with a filter attached directly to the IAC or 3/4" hose to the intake pipe or other location for IAC filtration. You will need to continue using the factory check valve, grommet and gasket to keep from leaking boost. Only replace the motor and housing.

PHR is continuing to bring solutions to the 2JZ-GTE platform, and are proud to offer this one.